About the Founder
Founder, John Gazzani will greet you with a smile every time you walk into the station. By nature he is a happy, friendly and honorable man.

At the age of John 12 knew he wanted to be around cars. He enjoyed hanging around a local garage where they built race cars. He decided to attend Lincoln Tech and graduated in 1986. He opened his first service station in 1987. His second a few years later and has found a home in his 3rd on Market Street in Elmwood Park, N.J.

John holds the following certifications: ASE Under Car Specialist, ASE Master Technician, ASE Advanced Level Specialist, ASE Machine Specialist, State of NJ Certified Emission Specialist, Medium/Heavy Truck Technician, Parts Specialist, Wells Engine Performance Systems Certified, NAPA Import & Domestic ABS Service.

Over the years John has built several High Performance race cars, 2 of which he has won several races with. He enjoys his time off, which is rare, fishing on Greenwood Lake, NJ, with his father Jules, and his friends. John is an avid NY Jets and NY Yankees fan, as is very obvious, when you visit the station. 

Most of John's employees have been with him for over 10 years. He is dedicated to his business and keeping his customers happy.